Why do some hospitals cost more?  Some less?


Findings from the RAND Hospital Price Transparency Study 2.0


Chapin WhiteChapin White is a, adjunct senior policy researcher at the RAND Corporation, specializing in health economics, and a Pardee RAND Graduate School faculty member. At the Forum, he will be discussing the recent findings within the RAND Hospital Price Transparency Study that includes hospital costs for facilities in Michigan. Join us on May 15th and learn why some hospitals charge more and some charge less.

Mr. White is currently leading the development and application of RAND’s Health Care Payment and Delivery Simulation Model (PADSIM), and recently completed an analysis of health reform options for the state of Oregon. In other recent work, White has analyzed the spillover effects of Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) on the Medicare fee-for-service program, out-of-network hospital care in New Jersey, and alternatives to the “Cadillac” tax using RAND’s COMPARE micro-simulation model.

He has been a lead researcher on two multi-site qualitative studies of the impacts of health reform—the first, funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, examined ACA-driven changes in health insurance markets in eight metropolitan areas; the second, funded by the American Medical Association, examined the impacts of payment reform on physicians and their practices. White has conducted projects analyzing the effects of changes in Medicare payments for inpatient hospital care on hospitals’ operating expenses, the prices paid by private insurers, and the volume of services provided.