The creation of ConnectedCare, the partnership between General Motors and Henry Ford Health System


Shelia2With over 20 years of experience in manufacturing, retail and insurance industries in the areas of finance, operations, design strategy and vendor management related to global benefit plans, Sheila Savageau, is an expert when it comes to innovation and ideas.

Currently she is U.S. Healthcare Leader at General Motors. Shelia has been with General Motors since November 2013 and is responsible for U.S. healthcare benefits plan design strategy and policy for hourly and salaried employees. Sheila has been instrumental in establishing and executing the healthcare benefits strategy for General Motors and managing over $1 billion in annual expense. She is an advocate for improving experience, engagement and efficiencies across the healthcare industry.

Join us on May 15th at Shelia takes us on her journey of how General Motors and Henry Ford Health contracted together and created what is now called ConnectedCare.

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